• US Integrity partners with Grid to develop esports integrity solutions

    Updated:2024-03-21 13:20    Views:115

    US Integrity has announced a partnership with Grid, a data platform in the games industry, to create a new esports-based integrity solution.

    This will be developed by using in-game data to create a system that can preserve the integrity of the system, monitor and flag fraudulent activity and create educational resources.

    Scott Sadin, COO at US Integrity, said: “Integrity encompasses more than just fighting against match-fixing.

    “It entails education, policies, and procedures – a framework that fosters the sustainable growth of any ecosystem.

    “Grid is committed to constructing a fair esports environment with official data at its core.”

    With an emerging esports betting market in North America, US Integrity and Grid hope that this can support the regulation and provide the necessary expertise to esports rights holders.

    This announcement comes only a few weeks after Grid announced a partnership with Inspired, regarding the launch of a virtual CS:GO betting product.

    Sadin continued: “Via their successful partnerships with rights holders, and cutting-edge technology,Play Casino Online we see GRID as a natural industry leader and an excellent collaborator in the endeavor to establish new integrity frameworks in esports.”

    US Integrity and Grid made an appearance alongside John Knauss, Senior Manager of Technical Product Management at Riot Games, during the 18th International Conference on Gambling & Risk Taking, on 24 May, 2023.

    Moritz Maurer, Grid CEO, said: “Grid and US Integrity share a vision for a data-driven integrity approach in esports.

    “Combining our expertise we aim to ensure the integrity of the match, the source, and the bet in any esports title and introduce more scalable frameworks for the industry as a whole.”